Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

Did you have a nice Mother's Day?  My Mother's Day was church and then home to prep for a dinner party with some lovely friends... a little going away meal for some Army and church friends who will be moving on to their next adventure.  I made lasagna on Saturday, so there was not much cooking involved, and each of the other ladies brought things to contribute, so it was such a nice time.

Want to see what I sent the Mommies for Mother's Day?  I have a Mom, a StepMom and a Mother-in-Law... so I usually try to prep some nice handmade things to send to them.  Last year I kept it simple with a little zippered pouch, a frame with a recent photo in it, a handmade card and a little Starbucks for a fun treat one day.

Handmade card... I made the image and text on PicMonkey and printed it on white cardstock.  Then I had some thick grey paper leftover from invitations I made way back when and some fun printed washi tape for decoration and easy application.

Pouch No. 1.  I wanted to get some practice and get over my zipper fear, so I decided to make some fun zippered pouches with some of my stash fabric. Both sides are the same.

Pouch No. 2.  This is side 1, and side 2 is below.  

Pouch No. 3.  Both sides are the same.

 They are all lined.

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day!!!

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Jayde Lewis said...

Those pouches are beautiful - you should make and sell them, you have great taste in patterns. I would buy one :)